Smart States

Gravity Forms address fields have an Address Type, which can be International or some specific format. If you pick United States or Canada, your address field shows a dropdown list of states or provinces for those countries, but for International address fields there’s usually just a plain text input for the state or province.

Address Enhanced lets you give your address fields a dropdown list for states or provinces in countries where that’s useful, or a text input for countries where that doesn’t matter.

Set the address type

When you add your address field, pick International for your address type, so that addresses can be entered from any country.

Drop down selector for address field type, options are International, United States, Canadian.
Address Type setting

Enable smart states

Turn on smart states to get a dropdown list of states or provinces on countries that have them, and a text input for countries that don’t. Picking a different country changes the state / province input to match.

You can turn on smart states for all International address fields in the add-on settings:

Forms > Settings > Address Enhanced

Or you can turn on smart states for selected address fields, in the Advanced settings for each field.

Checkbox setting to enable smart states for individual field.
Advanced fields settings: smart states

Put the country subfield first

For best results, change the field layout to put the country subfield first. This encourages visitors to pick their country before they get to the state / province subfield.

Dropdown selector for address field layout, options are Default and Country subfield first.
Advanced fields settings: layout

Set a default country

Alternatively, you can set a default country which has a list of states or provinces. This guides visitors to change the country before entering their state / province. You can set the default country for an address field on the General settings for each field.

Drop down selector for default country
Field settings default country

Countries not supported by WooCommerce

By default, Smart States are only enabled for countries supported by WooCommerce, to maintain compatibility with the WooCommerce checkout. If you are using Gravity Forms for data collection that isn’t related to WooCommerce, you will probably want to enable additional countries.

Checkbox option to enable states/provinces for countries not covered by WooCommerce. Further options to select how countries in the United Kingdom are handled.
Enable Smart States for countries not supported by WooCommerce

If you want to list counties / subdivisions in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) then enable that as well. There are two versions of the list of counties in England and Northern Ireland: the ISO standard list, and a common-use list. Pick which list suits your application best.