Smart Required Fields

When Gravity Forms Address fields are configured as required fields, all of the subfields except Address Line 2 must have a value. But some countries don’t have states or provinces, and some countries don’t have postal codes.

GF Address Enhanced adds smart management of required subfields. For countries that require a state / province and a postal code, nothing changes. But for countries that don’t require those elements, entrants are allowed to submit their address without having to make something up.

For example, an address in Australia will require a state and postcode. An address in the Soloman Islands or Viet Nam won’t require a postal code. An address in Liechtenstein or the Faroe Islands won’t require a state / province. And addresses in Sierra Leone or Guyana won’t require either.

If a country has been configured with a state / province dropdown list through Smart States, addresses for that country will by default require a value. If you want to allow no value for countries that don’t require one for postal addresses, e.g. Germany or Denmark, there is a setting to allow that.

Smart States global settings
Smart States settings for the add-on can permit countries to accept addresses without a state / province.

NB: Smart Required Fields only works with Gravity Forms 2.5 or later.